Run On Sun Australia P/L

Evacuated tube solar hot water

High Energy “Sydney Tube” Solar Water Heaters
The Run On Sun integrated system is a long life solar water heater with a 7 year warranty on the cylinder and a 12 year warranty on the tubes, frame and fixings. 
STC rebates for everyone plus VEEC’s for Victorians.
                            Electric and gas boosted models available      
Unlike other brands, an Australian engineer has redesigned the frame and mounting kit to Australian Standard 4055-2006 Section 4 “Net design uplift pressure” C4 Wind classification. Australian Standard 1684.2-2006 Section 9 “Fixture and tie down design” 6.4.1 Uplift design force.
Peace of mind mounting kit and frame made from heavy duty 2-mm thick 304 grade stainless steel.
With M12 stainless steel mounting bolts

The Run On Sun split system comes with a tank designed to work with all water conditions.
STC rebates for everyone plus VEEC’S rebate for Victorians.
Includes a Grundfos solar pump station with an Australian designed controller and high quality heat sensors designed in the U.S.A. built into a waterproof housing that bolts onto the tank. All brass ware included. Very neat looking system.
Mid-element electric and gas boosted models available      




Comes with the same high quality cyclone rated Australian engineered frames and mounting kits as the integrated systems.

“Sydney Tube” heat pipe collectors and retrofit kits.
A low cost solution to convert an existing water heater to solar.


Comes with the same high quality cyclone rated Australian 
engineered frames, mounting kits are optional.

Still working on info pack download and more information.
Floor and radiator heating
60 and 100 tube butterfly collectors generating unlimited
amounts of hot water

A combination of Run On Sun heat pipe collectors and 
non-pressure water heaters in series for floor heating.

One or two heat exchange coils can be added to these custom built cylinders

316 grade stainless steel hot                                                                          316 grade stainless steel hot
water tank used with low to                                                                         water storage, custom made to 
medium pressure.                                             Stainless steel                     customers specifications, squat
800-1200 litres.                                               convection heaters                or high tanks, 100-500 litres.


Copper convection


Lots more information and parts available by clicking the more information button or downloading the free information pack.   


Batteries, solar panels, charge controllers, regulators, inverters and parts. Off-grid and on grid
Oz Charge deep cycle tubular gel batteries 600 Ah and 1000 Ah 2-volt cells
Includes joining connecters. 100 Ah 12-volt deep cycle cells available.

Australia’s best prices for approved mono crystalline solar panels $1.30 per Watt.
MPPT charge controllers and PWM solar regulators



Pumps, heat exchangers, energy meters and other energy saving and interesting devices.       


                                                 Including Postage 

Titanium heat exchanger with PVC tank.
For swimming pool or spa.


Run On Sun Australia Pty Ltd

Energy meter calculates power use in Watts & Amps.

Maximum power surge in Watts & Amps. Calculates total power used and cost.

2-part light transmitter and powerpoint.

The transmitter sends a signal to turn on or off the power point depending on light level.

Can be set to turn On or Off during the day or night.

Turn lights on and off or turn an inverter on and off. Many uses.

GSM power socket

remotely operate by SMS command.

Auto operates by temperature.

send temperature to mobile phone.

Turn on or off from mobile phone. for refrigeration or heating.

Time control.

Auto video recorder

Night and day video and audio recording.

Built in motion detector.

records for 30 seconds per motion.

4GB micro SD card can store 400 video clips.

240-Volt and battery opperation.

High quality 3-speed circulating pump for hot and cold water. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Australian standard DZR brass pump body with 20-mm unions. $150

Low energy constant pressure pump